Software Engineer 2

(May 2021 - Present)

  • Incoming software engineer 2 for Game Engine Release

Software Engineer

(January 2019 - May 2021)

  • Developed Python scripts that gather driving metrics via ElasticSearch from an AWS endpoint to generate detailed reports on vehicle safety

  • Used Slack API to read and write data metrics to Slackbots

  • Created PostgreSQL database and Django server to interface with Redshift hooks to Looker and Google Data Studio for metrics reporting

  • Worked with the JIRA API to generate daily task tracking tickets

Software Engineer

(July 2017 - December 2018)

  • Developed automation tools to run data science metrics on Apple Watch Media apps using numpy, matplotlib, and pandas in Python

  • Analyzed streaming and download speeds of Podcast and Music apps

  • Created multithreaded logging system that tracked device processes

  • Built a crash monitoring system that detected changes in device PIDs

Software Engineering Intern

(June 2016 - September 2016)

  • Intern on the iOS QA Sync team creating tools and infrastructure

  • Developed a dashboard to analyze test suites using a Django backend, emberjs frontend, and PostgreSQL database

  • Generated graphical visualizations of test suites using c3.js

  • Created a prototype for a companion iOS app using Objective-C

  • Presented intern project to the VP of OS Programs, which helped my project gain momentum within other SWE organizations within Apple

  • Won 2nd place in the App Store Marketing Challenge

Engineering Intern

(June 2015 - August 2015)

  • Wrote unit tests in Javascript to test frontend development features

  • Manually tested parameters to detect widgets on client pages

  • Wrote integration tests in Java to run on Selenium to test end-to-end

  • Built a Java testing framework from scratch that help in simulating manual testing

  • Followed Agile Methodology and worked on the Kanban team

  • Added documentation to Qunit testing features for Taboola

Software Developer

(January 2015 - June 2017)

  • Worked on web development project called elab that is used for file sharing

  • Implemented frontend design using bootstrap CSS, HTML, and Backbone JS frameworks to stylize the main page and developer page of our project

  • Incorporated the Box API and added support for features such as copying and moving files for the Dropbox API and Google Drive API

  • Used ScribeAPI ’s Ruby on Rails library to transcribe and catalog books

  • Wrote a Python script that converted useful JSON metadata to XML

Technology Chair

(March 2016 - April 2017)

  • Maintained and developed features on the UCLA Circle K website using Wordpress and corresponding plugins

  • Created Prezis for weekly general meetings to recap past events as well as show upcoming events

  • Edited and made videos for end of the quarter recaps in addition to superlatives of the previous year's members

Pillow Fight Technology Chair

(March 2014 - January 2015)

  • Developed the Pillow Fight 2015 website to raise money for Alexandria House, a transitional residence for homeless women and children

  • Modified a Bootstrap framework from squadfree to suit our event's needs

  • Organized and separated each of the contents into different HTML pages

  • Incorporated Google Maps into the Contact Us page

  • Included the text information and content throughout the website

DevOps Committee Chair

(May 2015 - March 2016)

  • Helped to develop a prototype for an iOS checkin app to streamline the process of signing up and signing in for ACM events

DevOps Chair

(May 2016 - March 2017)

  • Oversaw the development of two projects (the iOS checkin app and the ACM website)

  • iOS checkin app is developed using Swift

  • ACM website is developed using react.js