Youtube Video Editor

(January 2008 - Present)

  • My channel is Maximagq.

  • I edit videos of professional, college, and recreational tennis matches.

Tennis Coach

(October 2014 - December 2014)

  • I taught fundamental technique to Beginning and Intermediate players at UCLA's Sunset Recreation Center.

Tennis Player

  • I play Club Tennis at UCLA and used to be an avid junior tennis player.

  • My favorite shot is my forehand and my favorite player is Novak Djokovic.

  • Here is the video of my most viewed tennis match on Youtube: 06 21 2013 Matthew Lin vs Joseph Di Giulio

A Cappella/Singing/Youtube Covers

  • In the Summer of 2016, I joined an A Cappella group and really enjoyed it.

  • My vocal type is Tenor and I enjoy listening to music of all sorts, but my favorites are alternative rock and R&B.

  • My favorite mainstream band is One Direction, my favorite mainstream singer is Zayn Malik, and my favorite Youtube singer is Sam Tsui.

  • I have a Youtube channel for some covers and impersonations that I have made at this link: Matthew Lin


  • In the Spring of 2016, I joined Foundations Choreography at UCLA and was part of Squirtle Squad Gen. 4!

  • I really enjoyed exploring the world of dance and learned some moves from there.

  • Here is the video of what my team performed at our showcase: Foundations Choreography: Ignite Showcase


  • I have been a fan of art and a recreational artist since I was a toddler.

  • I remember being an avid drawer until about the age of 6, but I still try to make works of art whenever I have time.

  • My favorite art genre is Romanticism and my favorite painter is Albert Bierdstadt.

  • Links to my works of art can be found at this link: My art